Career & scope in Digital marketing for the graduate job seekers in India

Is Digital Marketing a Creative Job

What is Digital Marketing??

Advertising (or) Marketing is the one of the major business growth process for all types of businesses to promote & increase their brand visibility, business, sales, productivity, etc…In the common older days business peoples used to market their business through TV, Radio, Pamphlets etc… for getting more attention for their products & services from the people. But now the technology has developed, more than that the “Internet” has developed over everyone’s expectations.

According to the recent survey, Over 5.07 billion  people were active internet users as of July 2022, encompassing 56 percent of the global population.

Nowadays the business (or) promotions through the internet is becoming the trending process to reach wider, faster & for getting instant results. This type of marketing is called “Digital Marketing”.


The digital marketing industry has grown rapidly over the past few years, and there are many jobs available for those looking to enter this field. Digital marketing course will teach you how to market online using various methods, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, and much more.

Types of Digital Marketing Services

Content Marketing – Promoting the products (or) services through the  content format like blogs, articles …

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – It helps the web pages to rank high in the search engines like Google, Bing,Yahoo etc…

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)– It is also called as Paid Advertising, to get more traffic to the websites.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Promoting the products (or) services through the social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …

Email Marketing – Conducting the business campaigns through E–mail.

Mobile Marketing – Promoting the products and the services through mobile phones by the services like Bulk SMS.

Scope of Digital Marketing for the Graduate Job Seekers

Digital marketing is becoming one of the most wanted jobs not just in India but all parts of the world. Nowadays all the businesses mainly focusing on to be in online to promote their business. So the requirements & wants for the digital marketing services are becoming so high.

Digital Marketing industries are booming worldwide but with the shortage of personnel. It has over 8 lakh Digital marketing job opportunities in India.

Even the Government of India is also encouraging the peoples to take more part in digital adoption to make the India digitalized.

Where You Can Learn Digital Marketing Courses ?

Digital Marketing is like an ocean & it has many things to learn, adapt & execute. Then definitely you will be having this doubt of “Where can I learn digital marketing??”

Google providing the free certified online digital marketing course to grow the business and the carrier. Not only Google, many paid private institutes (or) institutions were offering Digital marketing courses like Digital Academy India, Edukart, NIIT and Digital Vidya.

Digital Marketing Job Roles & Salary

As we discussed earlier Digital marketing is one of the most wanted & highly paying job. In Digital marketing it has many job roles, based on the experience, certifications, responsibilities & talent the salary will vary. From the below image we can understand the different types of job roles and its salary.

A Good & Professional Digital marketer has to know these basic skills!!

A Digital Marketer should know the importance & basics of image & video editing, coding & SEO even if they are not specialist in it.

Benefits of Digital marketing services for the business persons

  • Cost - Effective
  • Easy to measure the results
  • Reach the targeted audience
  • Reach of global audience
  • Effective branding & visibility
  • Lead generation
  • 24/7 Marketing
  • Time saving


Many people will ask “why one has to learn (or) use Digital Marketing services??” The answer is clean & simple, Digital marketing will be the future key of each and every business. Make use of this wonderful opportunity to increase your sale, business & carrier.

Use our Digital marketing services to increase your business and also there is a wonderful opportunity for joining in our Digital marketing team.

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