Why all the business peoples looking for WhatsApp Verified account??

Why all the business peoples looking for WhatsApp Verified account??

All the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter started to focus on the business peoples for the purpose of doing business marketing in their own social networking platforms.

Among those social networking applications, WhatsApp is one of the most popular & using social network application by all type of people. As we mentioned above about the social networking marketing strategy, WhatsApp application also launched a business application called “Whatsapp Business” aimed for the small business owners for the purpose of easy interaction with their customers to make their business more easy & effective.

Whatsapp brings an important & useful thing called “Verified Account” for showing that the WhatsApp account is authentic (genuine) with a green color verified tick sign.

Note: The “Verified sign” will be only for the “Whatsapp business accounts”.

We (Creative Point) can help you to verify your WhatsApp business account to make your business stand out from the other business accounts.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business & verified account:

  • Build more trust on your company
  • One- Tap chat with your customer
  • Quicker business conversion
  • Brings more interaction & engagement with your customers
  • Creates branding
  • Secured conversation


WhatsApp marketing became one of the most effective business tools among the business peoples, so make sure that your business also has a verified Whatsapp business account to increase your business.

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