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DLT Registeration - How to do JIO DLT Registration Process ?

Jio dlt registration online: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has Provided the latest guidelines for every individual or business entity. Every business needs to register itself on a DLT platform in order to continue sending SMS to their customers and clients. The TRAI New rules are made in order to implement the TCCCPR guidelines. Therefore it becomes essential for all businesses, enterprises, and telemarketers to register themselves with the DLT platform along with their heads or sender IDs And content template. In order to send SMS to your clients and customers, you will need to register yourself with the Jio DLT platform as it is mandatory because of the TRAI guideline. As a part of this regulation, TRAI has had directed all the DLT platform operators to restrict traffic for principal entities who have not registered themselves with their respective header or sender IDs with the content template on DLT. Hence it is necessary to register yourself according to the new TRAI guidelines. Below we have provided the information regarding the registration for jio DLT

What is Dlt Registration

DLT stands for distributed ledger technology, this works on a Blockchain-based registration system. All the records of transactions made by network participants are recorded under this ledger in order to keep track of these transactions. According to TRAI guidelines, it has been made mandatory for telly marketers, business enterprises, or individuals to register with the DLT operators in order to send SMS to its customer and client. Hence, if you are a business entity/you will have to register at the DLT operator in order to send SMS and communicate with your customers.

Registration process – Jio

Here we have provided the steps for signup in Jio DLT /DLT registration process in Jio. Follow the steps in order to register yourself easily.

  • Firstly open the link –
  • A page will open in front of you here click on the register now button in order to register as an entity in the Jio DLT platform.

Now the second page will open, here you will have to click on the principal entity option.

After this, if you are already registered as a principal entity click on yes, and if you’re not then click on no. After clicking on fill in the requested details. This will include authorized contact person, organization name, organization category, PAN/TAN, KYC document type, KYC document number, email ID, etc.

Enter all the details as shown in the below-given image. Select your organization type from the drop-down list

Select the type of your KYC document from the list and enter the KYC document number as well.

Now upload your KYC document and pan card. The size should be less than 5 mb.

After this enter your email ID, create a password, mobile number, and organization address, and finally click on submit button.

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