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Sub: Regarding bulk SMS gate way solution

This is with regard to our Bulk SMS services extended by your company for our clients. We indemnify the message (s) as “Transactional Messages” in and with respect to the TRAI mandate and guidelines. Messages broadcasted from our accounts are purely transactional messages are not spam in nature. Messages can be sent 24hrs.
We would like to activate and continue a sender id as per details given below     (6 characters only);

The following points are agreed mutually.

Definitions: The Client 
1. The Client will be solely liable for content provided/submitted to Creative Point servers to be made available and/or to deliver to the end users designated by the Client.
2. The Client will ensure that the information passed on to end users using Creative Point  service platform do not violate any prevailing DOT/ TRAI rules or Judicial laws.
3. The Client shall be solely responsible for any NDNC violations/complaints/fines /penalties imposed on account of NDNC / NCPR complaints by the operator / recipients.
4. Creative Point will not be liable for any damages and/or expenses incurred by The Client and/or the end users on account of the Services rendered by Creative Point to The Client under this arrangement.