Send Bulk SMS in Tamil

Send Bulk SMS in Tamil

Welcome to our Demo video In this Video, I will be explaining you how to send SMS from our Bulk SMS Panel. .So lets began our session.

  • To Start Open your Google Chrome Browser, and type our Link Address: http://smsserver9.creativepoint.in
  • Once you entered in to our link type the User Name and Passwords provided by our Team to Login the SMS Panel
  • Now you have entered to your Dashboard,On the left-hand side in top select bulk sms option to Enter the SMS sending page.
  • On first your Approved sender ID will be displayed.
  • Second there will be a Mobile number Box in that you should enter the mobile numbers if u need to send Multiple numbers you can type one below the one (or) you can copy paste in the box.
  • Third there is a message content Box, in that you can simply type a message (or) you can copy paste your content in the box such as Promotion content or any communication. Once you type the content the character count & Message count will display below. Character until 160 the sms count will be 1 and more than 160 it will sms count will deduct as 2 credit (The credit will consumed regarding the character count only).
  • once the Content was Completed click the Preview and the SMS content will be displayed in this you can cross check and Click the Sent Button the S SMS will be delivered.

Other Features In Panel :

  • In our panel we have other language Option in that option you can send the message in our Supported Languages. By Using the Unicode Option.
  • Just Paste Mobile Number & Content in the required box’s & just click the Unicode option & select the sufficient Language. If u send sms in the other Language the Unicode option is must other wise the SMS will be sent in symbols.
  • Finally check once preview and send the SMS. For easy way to Type the other Language u can use the below Link.


SMS Sent Report :

  • At left side of your panel there will be Sent history Option just select the option the reports will be displayed.
  • In that preview there will the detail about the SMS sent date,time and the status.
  • If you send the bulk Campaign yoy can down load the report in the Excel format an u can see the clear status report of your SMS Campaign

Additional Options :

  • On right side top you can see the balance SMS credit in display.
  • You can add & save your contact in (Add Contact) Option.
  • Can save the common & regular used SMS template in the (Template Option).
  • In (Credit History) Option You can verify your SMS credit details.
  • Through (Activity Log) u can check the account accessed detail.
  • You can give the request for your New sender ID & it will be Approved by our team. Thanks for watching the simple steps of our SMS Panel. We have made our panel in a very User-friendly way, we have made it very Easy to access the SMS panel for Marketing. Here we Provide Both Promotional, Transactional SMS Service.

For more details contact : +91 9677775754