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Send Bulk SMS in Tamil

Send Bulk SMS in Tamil

Welcome to our Demo video In this Video, I will be explaining you how to send SMS from our Bulk SMS Panel. .So lets began our session.

1. To Start Open your Google Chrome Browser, and type our Link Address:

2) Once you entered in to our link type the User Name and Passwords provided by our Team to Login the SMS Panel

3) Now you have entered to your Dashboard,On the left-hand side in top select bulk sms option to Enter the SMS sending page.

4) On first your Approved sender ID will be displayed.

5) Second there will be a Mobile number Box in that you should enter the mobile numbers if u need to send Multiple numbers you can type one below the one (or) you can copy paste in the box.

6) Third there is a message content Box, in that you can simply type a message (or) you can copy paste your content in the box such as Promotion content or any communication. Once you type the content the character count & Message count will display below. Character until 160 the sms count will be 1 and more than 160 it will sms count will deduct as 2 credit (The credit will consumed regarding the character count only).

7) once the Content was Completed click the Preview and the SMS content will be displayed in this you can cross check and Click the Sent Button the S SMS will be delivered.

Other Features In Panel :

1) In our panel we have other language Option in that option you can send the message in our Supported Languages. By Using the Unicode Option.

2) Just Paste Mobile Number & Content in the required box’s & just click the Unicode option & select the sufficient Language. If u send sms in the other Language the Unicode option is must other wise the SMS will be sent in symbols.

3) Finally check once preview and send the SMS. For easy way to Type the other Language u can use the below Link

SMS Sent Report :

1) At left side of your panel there will be Sent history Option just select the option the reports will be displayed.

2) In that preview there will the detail about the SMS sent date,time and the status.

3) If you send the bulk Campaign yoy can down load the report in the Excel format an u can see the clear status report of your SMS Campaign

Additional Options :

1) On right side top you can see the balance SMS credit in display.

2) You can add & save your contact in (Add Contact) Option.

3) Can save the common & regular used SMS template in the (Template Option).

4) In (Credit History) Option You can verify your SMS credit details.

5) Through (Activity Log) u can check the account accessed detail.

6) You can give the request for your New sender ID & it will be Approved by our team. Thanks for watching the simple steps of our SMS Panel. We have made our panel in a very User-friendly way, we have made it very Easy to access the SMS panel for Marketing. Here we Provide Both Promotional, Transactional SMS Service.

For more details contact : +91 9677775754