DLT Entity Registration Process

DLT Entity Registration Process

Entity Registration Process

Documents to keep ready before you start the registration process.

  • Company / Organization / Society – PAN Card.
  • Company / Organization / Society – GST Certificate with Address / Bank statement with address (Address Proof)
  • Authority Letter (Content provided in Word Doc attachment. Sample provided below)
  • Authorized person’s individual PAN Card / Aadhaar Card (as Photo Id) to be put in Authorization letter.

The last published deadline to complete the registration process was 31st May 2020. However the Mobile Operators are still accepting registrations without any charge.

We would urge you to register at the earliest.

Follow Registrations steps as shared below :

During the registration process, you will get an OTP on the registered number – Pls verify

During the registration process, you will get an email verification mail – Pls verify

Once the registration process is complete – you will get an email with a registration reference number

After the receipt of the registration reference number, you will receive an acceptance / rejection email from the operator after approximately 4-5 days. – Please connect with us when this is received.

If registration is rejected the above process needs to be repeated.

If registration is accepted, the email will contain a User id and password. – Please share the same with us.

Entity Name: State Bank of India.

Sample Template:
OTP for online purchase of Rs. (#var#) at (#var#) through State Bank Credit card (#var) is (#var). Do not share with anyone-SBI or State bank of India.

Header Registration & Approval

This process can be attempted / completed only if you have completed Entity Registration and have received the User Id and Password for your DLT Registration.

  • Click on Header (Sender Id)
  • Click on New Header
  • Choose Header Type
  • Choose Category Type
  • Header Name – Input Sender Id – 6 alphabets in Caps
  • Click on Check Availability
  • Get OTP
  • Submit

Note – The header requested for should match the company name. In case it is different from the company name, then a supporting document needs to be added in support of the requested Header.

The Header approval is received within 1-2 days from the operator.

Post the Operator approval, a 5 minute configuration change in the Creativepoint System is required – Please connect with us for this.

What are the different categories of template in DLT ?

The various categories of templates are defined below for greater understanding.

Transactional: Essential Messages related to transaction – Eg – OTP.

Service Implicit: Service messages that are ought to be sent basis on the business relation with the customer. Ex: Service Alert Messages.

Service Explicit: Service messages that are send by the Entity which are promotional in nature but send with prior consent. Ex: New offers).

Promotional: Messages which are purely promotional in nature send to all the prospects in the database by an Entity basis on their preferences. Ex: All kind of Promotional messages.