DLT UPDATE – Principal Entity ID to be shared with Creative point

DLT UPDATE - Principal Entity ID to be shared with Creative point

Dear Valued Customers,

Greetings from Creative Point !!!!
Hope all of you are doing well and taking adequate precautions.

This is to notify you that the following changes have been discussed and agreed by the telecom operators. This is in line with the implementation TCCCPR 2018 guidelines.

  • Operators discontinued the DLRs provisioning for all promotional accounts from 6th October 2020 onwards.
  • Content Template.

The templates which are registered /approved on the DLT platform should have Brand name/entity name/trade name in the content field.

New Templates registering From October 11, 2020 onwards should be added with the “Brand name/entity name/trade name”.

All the templates that have been registered so far, should be updated with the “Brand name/entity name/trade name” by October 31st, 2020

Templates without any of these information will be considered invalid and will not be allowed after October 31, 2020

Below are the Example:

Entity Name: State Bank of India.

Sample Template:
OTP for online purchase of Rs. (#var#) at (#var#) through State Bank Credit card (#var) is (#var). Do not share with anyone-SBI or State bank of India.


  • Principal entities whose abbreviation represents two different name, must use complete entity name in the content field.
  • Principal entities whose registered name is different from their registered trade mark name, can use their trademark name in the content field.
  • Principal entities having multiple brands operated under its registered name, should use their complete brand name.

Once verified you can login to your account and complete the document uploading with some Basic information about the Company.

Once you complete the registration you will receive a reference number or Temporary ID till you receive any replay from the operator this ID will be helpful for further any clarification. For Activation approximately it takes 4-5 days. You will receive an acceptance / rejection email from the operator.

If your registration is rejected kindly repeat the above process as the Operators request.

Once the registration is accepted your Entity Account will be created then you can use the Login for the next step of registrations (User id- Reg Email ID and password. – xxxx(Which was created on Entity activation).

Once the account created the mandatory registration to be followed:

  • Header ID
  • Content Registration
  • Consent Registration

For Content template scrubbing:

  • PE-id to be made mandatory with Content Template, while Template id to remain optional.
  • PE-id + Header combination to be used for content scrubbing from October 19, 2020.

These activities would be carried out across the industry and would urge you to ensure readiness for the same.

We assure you to keep you continuously posted on the updates. For any further clarification or details, you are requested to reach your respective Sales Account Managers/Support team and they would be glad to assist you on this matter.

We will continue to support your organization for the migration of all your traffic on DLT. Our teams are available to extend all necessary support in this activity.

Going forward please ensure that you configure your PE ID with your respective accounts.