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Whatsapp is latest communication tool and best way to stay connected to your clients. Whatsapp should be used for communicating to own verified clients only. Promoting in whatsapp is not legal. if you want to more details about promoting in whatsapp please get in touch with us .

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What are DLT paramters and How to use in API?,xxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxx&from=xxxxxxxx&message=xxxxxxxxxxxx&PEID=xxxxx&templateid=xxxx
Note: PEID and templateid in above example are mandatory values from DLT protal for approved entity and template.
PEID should contain value of Parent Entity ID approved by DLT portal and templateid should contain value of templateID approved by DLT portal
All SMS submission should contain these two mandatory parameters beginning from 8th March 2021 as a regulatory mandate

How can I get Delivery Reports through API?
+919XXXXXXXXX-Successfully Delivered;
+919XXXXXXXXX-Message Failed;
+919XXXXXXXXX-Message Invalid;

How can I find Credit balance through API?
Response: Returns No of Credits.


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