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What is Bulk SMS ?

In this modern world everyone is running a tightly scheduled life, so they might have the less chance to know about the new product (or) service in the market. The business persons have to plan to reach their targeted audience to make their business alive in the business market.

Advertising and campaigning is becoming one of the most important factors for all type of business. Business persons have many ways to advertise their product (or) service. In it “Bulk SMS” is the best mobile based marketing solution to promote the brand or service. Bulk SMS is an effective, easiest, cost-effective and the great return on investment (ROI) marketing tool.

Bulk SMS (or) Bulk Messaging is a service that allows companies, agencies and the business peoples to send their business promotion SMS to large number of recipients (up to 1, 00,000) in a single click through the web based portal server.

Creative Point is the leading and the hi-priority Bulk SMS agency in Kalkulam providing the quality and Low cost Bulk SMS service to our clients. Our web based Bulk SMS Service Software is specially designed to send SMS online. We provide username and password to login and can use Bulk SMS gateway anywhere from the web to send online SMS in an instant and efficient manner.

We have different flexible packages with free demo for your requirement needs.

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You can send Bulk SMS through the following simple steps :
Create your account
Add your Contacts
Text your message
Send your messages

No.1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Promotional SMS


Marketing or Promotional SMS
  • Delivery Non DND Numbers
  • SMS Sending Time 9am to 9pm
  • API Available HTTP, XML

No documents Required for service Activation

Transactional SMS


Alerts or Transactional SMS
  • Delivery DND & Non DND Numbers
  • 6 Digit Sender ID Yes
  • SMS sending time24 hrs
  • API Available HTTP, XML

Documents Required for service Activation

Low cost bulk sms in Coimbatore

Promotional bulk sms is one of the best way to promote your brand at low cost. Through Our Bulk SMS Software you can send sms at very cheapest price. Use our Premium Bulk SMS Gateway to send Best deals, Lowest Price offers, Business Promotions at better sms delivery.

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Bulk SMS provider in Coimbatore

Transactional Bulk SMS in India is 24/7 service. Use our Robust Hi-Priority Gateway to send sms instantly with 6 Digit Sender id. In Transactional route message will deliver to DND numbers as per TRAI rules and guidelines. You can personalize the Message in a best way.

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Bulk SMS service provider in Coimbatore

API stands for Application programming interface. We provide HTTP Api code for customizing your application for automating the sending and receiving Bulk SMS messages. Web Developer can easily use our server to request response from sms gateway through API Url link.

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Low cost Bulk SMS service provider in Coimbatore

XML API is Extensible MarkUp Language API. We provide XML API user guide for automating the pushing and pulling SMS messages. Software developer can integrate the Web API to send Bulk messages to India and International effectively with Free XML API User guide.

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Bulk SMS Coimbatore

We Provide Premium SMS Shortcode service (5 digit number) which is easy to remember provided by a network operator. Generally shortcode allows you way for way2sms ( TWO WAY SMS ) it can be used for Lead Generation, SMS Polling, SMS Voting ,Exam Results, contests, Survey, Lucky draw winners, Bids, Product enquiries at affordable cost effective and easiest way.

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Bulk SMS Coimbatore

SMS Longcode is a 10 digit (VMN) Virtual Mobile number which is easy to remember provided by a network operator. Generally Longcode is useful for sending 2 WAY SMS it can be Mobile Recharge request, SMS Polling, SMS Voting, Exam Results, contests, Survey, Lucky draw winners, Bids, Product enquiries,Business Lead Generation at affordable cost effective and easiest way.

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