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What is Bulk SMS Service?

A sms service through which you can send sms in bulk, thousands of messages in one click. You have the option to upload a excel file,CSV file or TXT file that contains a list of mobile numbers.

How many SMSes can be sent at one time or is there any limit?

For better results, we ask you to try and limit to send sms approximately 20,000 numbers.

How can I start sending Bulk SMS from my account?

Contact us and order a suitable sms package. You will receive a welcome email that contains login credentials and links to help files. Login to your account, upload excel file that contains mobile numbers, compose message, and click on Send button.

How do I make a payment?

Cash deposit or Cheque deposit

What are Credits?

1 credit is equal to 1 message.

What is the maximum text length allowed in single SMS?

The maximum text length allowed in a single message is 160 characters. If the length is exceeded then the message will be delivered as 2 or more messages and charged accordingly.

How do I know my credit balance?

Credit balance can be seen in your control panel after you login to your account.

Can I send local and national sms using Bulk SMS Service?

Yes. There is no difference in costs for local and national sms.

What is a Sender ID?

The users receive message with title and content. The title will have id like TD-123456 or LM-CPOINT. This id is called as Sender ID.

Is it possible to integrate Bulk SMS into our software?

Yes. We provide you APIs which can be used in your software.

How long does it take to activate my account?

It would take 6hrs to 3 business days to activate your account once after the payment gets credited to our account.

How to retrieve my forgot password?

You can use forgot password link to reset your new password or Kindly mail us at to retrieve your password through mobile sms and Email.