What is Phishing Scam?? How can we identify & protect from Phishing Scam ??

What is Phishing Scam?? How can we identify & protect from Phishing Scam ??

In this modern technology world everything has become handy & easy. It almost changed our day to day life style & activities, soon with the development of technologies everything is going to be in our finger tips in future.

People using technologies to keep their work short & quick. Even though the technology has many advantages & high securities, some people misusing those technologies to make money.

Now we are going to see about the one of the online fraudulent attacking’s called “Phishing”.

What is Phishing Scam??

From the name itself it seems “fishy”. Yes, Phishing is a cyber crime & the fraudulent attempt to get the sensitive information such as Login credentials like usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

How Phishing Scam is happening??

Hackers will use E-Mail & Social media’s as one of the tools in online for phishing to get the details of your bank accounts like password & pins (or) some other important things. They use the below techniques to get the details from us.

  • Hackers will send a message like “Your account has been hacked (or) used illegally. For that they will ask us to fill & update the login credentials in it.
  • Hackers will create a look alike user panel of your authorized bank account (or) social media account with the original logo & communication number for not getting noticed from anyone. By using that they can easily access our bank account details & can steal our money easily.
  • Sometimes we will receive a mail to “Download some thread” or redirecting to some other links it might cause some malicious activities to our devices while downloading it & have the possibilities to monitor it by the Hackers.

How to identify & protect from “Phishing”??

  • Generally no banks & any other authorized organizations will not ask us to modify (or) update the login details through E-Mail. If it happens communicate with them directly.
  • We can identify phishing in the “Website URL protocol”. Authorized organizations will use only secured protocol like “https” in their websites.
  • In the Hackers user panel, there will be some spelling mistakes as compare from the authorized panel.
  • Sometimes there will be some little changes in the “Website URL”.
  • If you commit any those phishing activity, immediately check with your bank or with that organization.
  • The one simple to way omit these kind of phishing mail is to “Delete that thread (or) Mail”.

Conclusion :

Now everything has become online from paying electricity bill to buying some luxurious products. We have to move on along with the technologies in this world. So we have to be stay tuned & stay safe!!!

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