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How to download Instagram stories and highlights in online??

How to download Instagram stories and highlights in online??

In this busy, modern, and stress buzz life everyone is awaiting for a stress-relieving moment or will do some things to refresh for a while. Among that “Social Medias” playing a major role in it. Using Social media people are spending much time to refreshing themselves and even sometimes they are getting lots of knowledge and informations from it. Even some peoples using for business also. Interest may vary in people much time because of the trends and new features.

Nowadays, the “users of Instagram” became so high, following from the “Facebook users” because of the lots of entertaining features. In that “Instagram stories”, is one of the most using and liked featured by the users.

Now we can save “Instagram stories and highlights” from our favorites with the help of the following “Top 6 Websites”.

1. – Click Here to view



2. – Click Here to view


3. Insta Videos Downloader – Click Here to view


4. Stories IG – Click Here to view


5. IGstorie – Click Here to view


6. Story Insta – Click Here to view


Steps to follow to download “Stories & Highlights”:

Downloading “Stories and Highlights” is so easy in these websites.

Step 1: Type “User Name” (or) copy and paste the “Story (or) Highlights URL”.



Step 2: Click the “Download” button below.

Step 3: Select “Stories and Highlights” we wants to download, if multiples available.

Step 4: Click the “Download” button below the selected one and select a file storage directory to “Save” in our System, phone, tablet etc…..


(Note: It won’t show any Stories (or) Highlights if the user doesn’t keep)

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