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Bulk SMS For School & Other Educational Institutions


Bulk SMS For School

& Other Educational Institutions

SMS for students is one of the major breakthrough (or) a big revolution in the education sector industry. Creative Point providing the low cost Bulk SMS service (text alert system) for schools, colleges, universities etc… to easily communicate with their teachers, students, parents & other supporting staffs.

Using our Bulk SMS service the education institutes can provide many feature services (text alert system) like notice sms, holiday message to parents from school, sms messages for admission, school attendance messages etc… We are providing the best school message sending software to many schools & also for the colleges in all over India.

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Features of Our Bulk SMS Service
Instant Delivery :


Unannounced leave Information’s.


Pick up & drops Information’s.


Daily work Information’s.


Important Information’s.
User- Friendly Panel :


Easy SMS Integrations.


Easy accessible SMS panel.
Service & Support :


On time delivery.


Real time tracking – SMS send report.


Dedicated 6 digit sender ID with your school name.
Uses of Bulk SMS for Educational Sectors
Internal Communication

It can be used effectively for sending internal communication to the student. It keeps the students, teachers, and parents on the together. Bulk SMS always reaches to the recipient instantly.


Bulk SMS helps to notify the parents or guardians of the children’s presence in their school/college. Through Bulk SMS the parents can also get the attendance record of their children.


Educational institutions can do their promotions through Bulk SMS to increase their credibility by arranging the concepts like organizing workshops, participating in international etc...

Exam results

Nowadays the institutions can make reach their students exam results through the Bulk SMS service. It really helps when the students can’t reach their school/college at the time of results.

Emergencies leave & unscheduled holidays

Due to some natural calamities or for some unexpected reasons the institutions wants to provide leave for the students. At that time the institutes can send holiday message to parents from school instantly via text messages.

Sending Reminders & Home works

Teachers can send the home works of the students to their parents through text message. It helps the parents to aware of the student’s education. The Institutions can also send the reminder messages like fees pending, important events, deadlines etc…

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